OneDayOnly is an online shopping site with daily deals that last 24hours only. I was asked to relook their Corporate Identity, online content and packaging design. They are a fun brand, with

a very cheeky tone of voice. I wanted to make sure we didn't

lose that energy.

Bright colour palette

I gave it a big, bright colour palette that would convey the energy of the brand,

as well as to keep the brand interesting when it communicates on a daily basis.

Weekly sales campaigns

Every week various sales- and subscriber campaigns were put together to raise sales.

These campaigns were kept light-hearted with a fun, quirky tone of voice.


Black Friday Campaign 2018

Black Friday 2018 was the most successful campaign in OneDayOnly's History. We knew we couldn't beat the competition on the amount of products, so we decided to beat them on discount. Over 500 products were given away at 100% off discount.

During the week following up to Black Friday, we increased our daily discount every day:


By the Friday we've built it up all the way to a "Up to 100% off" discount.

Loads of PR was generated on radio stations, as well as online.


Monthly video content

Internal videos were shot using staff members, to promote some of our bigger competitions.

Packaging design

Because of the vast amount of products being shipped on a daily basis, the bright colour palette wasn't viable - only a 2-colour print was an option. Instead we carried the "fun tone of voice" over to the packaging, via an elaborate pattern design, combined with some bright, cheeky stickers.

Social Media

The colourful palette was extended to social media elements, keeping in mind that up to 10 new ones would have to be uploaded every day.


We ran 6-month outdoor campaign, where the "BIG DEAL OF THE DAY" was revealed every morning during rush hour traffic.