packaging design & CONCEPT

Dam Fine Products produce a dam fine collection of chilli sauces.
They asked me to create a brand that can be ordered as a set of 4 online.
Drawing inspiration from the origin of the chilli, I based the designs on Mexican wrestlers, or Luchadores. I called them 'LOS LOCOS' - The crazy ones!

I started by creating a character for each sauce variant:

Jalapeño, Smoked chilli, Hot chilli and Extra hot chilli


While each front label was designed to look like a Luchadores' wrestling mask,

the back label took on the form of a flapping cape.

Back label copy:

A body-slamming 

sour sauce made 

with locally sourced 

jalapeño and a base 

of vinegar and lemon 

juice. Great with fish, chicken, salads & pizza. 

Back label copy:

Can you handle this 

smoke? Naturally 

smoked Thai chillies 

with a tomato base. 

Great as a condiment or 

as a kick-ass marinade.

Back label copy:

One of the heavy 

weights: Red Thai 

chillies, slammed

 into a tomato base. 

Great as a condiment 

or to use in cooking.

Back label copy:

The King of the 

ring sting! Habanero chillies, crushed

 into a tomato base. 

Great as a condiment 

or to use in rather 

aggressive cooking.

The collection

Next up I designed a logo for the 4 of them together, as well as a box that will carry the set of 4.


Social media

For the social media campaign, we developed these 4 characters even further, giving them a bit more personality.