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24 September is South African Heritage Day. On this day, we celebrate the melting pot of cultures and people that make South Africa such a vibrant and diverse country. These locals from all walks of life turn to Albany’s wide range of breads to help keep their families fed, healthy, and happy.


While it's not uncommon for brands to implement Heritage Day campaigns, many of them focus exclusively on the Braai Day aspect of the culture that has been popularised in recent years. For Albany bakeries, we thought it was important to celebrate South African heritage with wider roots. We worked with renowned Ndebele artist, Dr Esther Mahlangu, to design a special Heritage Day pack that helped us pay respect to another side of our country's history and culture.

campaign artwork

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In order to demonstrate the inclusivity of our Heritage Day campaign, each line of the script is to be read by a different voice, across races, cultures, and accents:

Various VO:

Some of us call it Braai Day.

Some of us call it Shaka Day.

Most of us know it as Heritage Day.

It’s the day when we celebrate our melting pot of cultures,

The diversity of our people,

Our unique traditions,

Our rainbow nation.

We come in all shapes, sizes, and shades.

And we all call South Africa home.

So love your neighbours. And love your heritage.

Albany wishes a Happy Heritage Day to all South African families.